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Monday, October 10, 2022, is Columbus Day. As a result, you can potentially get your hands on some fantastic discounts, as retailers of various kinds often have sales to mark the occasion. While deals aren’t as plentiful around Columbus Day as they are during other holidays, you can potentially save in a variety of categories. Here’s a look at some of the deals and freebies for Columbus Day this year.

What Kinds of Deals and Freebies for Columbus Day Are There?

Overall, there are fewer deals and freebies for Columbus Day than there are for more widely celebrated holidays like the Fourth of July and Christmas. However, since Columbus Day sits neatly between Labor Day and Black Friday, retailers in some categories do offer some significant discounts.

Usually, the most popular categories for deals are mattresses, appliances, and any summer seasonal items that have yet to leave retailers’ floors. Fall apparel and home goods may also go on sale, which can be a boon. You may also see some price decreases on holiday travel, and some auto manufacturers or dealers may offer some discounts, too.

However, even if you see a sale on electronics items or toys, now isn’t usually the best time to shop. For those, wait until closer to Black Friday.

Where to Look for Deals and Freebies for Columbus Day 2022

  • Best Buy – Discounts on appliances, electronics, and entertainment
  • Casper – Deals on mattresses, including potential freebies
  • Dell – Discounted computers and accessories
  • Home Depot – Reduced prices on appliances, home improvement items, and more, potentially with free shipping options
  • Leesa – Mattress discounts and potential freebies, such as free pillows or bedding with purchase
  • Lowe’s – Sale prices for appliances, home improvement products, and more, some of which may come with free shipping
  • Mattress Firm – Reduced prices on popular mattresses, along with possible freebies
  • Nectar – Sale prices on mattresses and potential freebies


Do you know of any other deals and freebies for Columbus Day people should check out? Are you planning on taking advantage of any of the discounts above? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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