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One of the main benefits of being a digital nomad is that you can keep working while you travel the world. When you have the ability to head to nearly any country on the planet, choosing a destination may seem tricky. However, specific options are incredibly popular for good reasons. Here’s a look at the top five reasons to be a digital nomad in Costa Rica.

1. Reasonable Cost of Living

Overall, Costa Rica isn’t as expensive as one might expect. While the cost of living has risen over recent years, it still remains reasonably affordable. Housing, food, and similar expenses may be lower than you find in the US or could be very similar to what you’re used to paying, depending on where you currently live and the exact city you select in Costa Rica.

As a digital nomad, choosing a lower-cost city can work in your favor. Along with having cheaper rentals, you may spend less on other necessities. Just make sure that you select an area that is reasonably developed, giving you access to critical services you may need during your stay.

2. Plenty of Workspace Options

If you’re near a relatively large city, finding workspace options isn’t difficult. Many rentals will come with some level of internet service. Plus, there may be coworking spaces available with higher speed connections, as well as plenty of cafés with solid Wi-Fi.

By staying in a more developed area, you can also take advantage of cellular data service with reasonable speeds. With that, you can either use a separate hotspot or the hotspot feature on your phone to get you a connection if there isn’t another internet service available. Just be aware that coverage is sparse in more rural areas, so you can’t rely on cellular data everywhere.

3. Amazing Weather and Landscape

One of the most attractive parts of heading to Costa Rica is the weather. It’s generally a tropical climate, and it stays warm throughout the year. Even the rainy season isn’t unpleasant thanks to the warmer temperatures, and that “green season” is actually one of the most popular times to be in the country.

It’s critical to note that, during the height of summer, temperatures can get pretty high. As a result, if you don’t like it hot, opt for a fall or winter stay when it’s a bit cooler.

While you’re in Costa Rica, you’ll be able to explore the fantastic landscape. There are lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and much more. As a result, if you envisioned working from a chair on the beach or a hammock strung up between some trees, you can certainly do so while in the country.

4. Friendly People

Overall, the people of Costa Rica are warm, friendly, and welcoming. This is a boon for digital nomads as it makes their stay more enjoyable. You can easily engage with locals while out and about, and many are happy to provide you with directions or other light forms of assistance when the need arises.

Additionally, while Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica, many locals in cities that are popular with tourists do speak English. As a result, you may be able to get away with just some basic Spanish instead of needing to be fluent.

5. Ample, Affordable Public Transit

As a digital nomad, it’s common to head to a new country without your vehicle. As a result, you’re usually in better shape by choosing countries with solid public transportation systems.

In Costa Rica, public transit isn’t just highly accessible; it’s very affordable. You can get all around the country for surprisingly little money, making it easy to explore all of the different cities, national parks, and more.

Plus, the public transit options are reasonably comfortable. While you likely wouldn’t call it plush, there’s enough room to not feel overcrowded or squished in most cases. That makes your time in Costa Rica far more enjoyable, as you won’t view using public transit as a challenge to overcome.

Can you think of any other reasons why becoming one of the digital nomads in Costa Rica is a wise move? Are you currently a digital nomad and want to tell others about your experience to help them on their journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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