Rethink: Rethinking 65 Retirement Realities


How can a financial advisor who has never retired or reached age 65 advise clients on how to transition to retirement? Join H. Adam Holt, CEO of Asset-Map, and Derek Notman, Founder of Conneqtor and Couplr, on the on-demand replay of their Rethink. The Financial Advisor Podcast as they debate this question and hear from two expert guests Keena Pettijohn CEO of Lifelogixs Strategic Consultancy Group and Dorothy Hinchcliff CEO of Rethinking 65 who share some timely advice on how advisors can support their clients into living a meaningful life post 65. 

This discussion and exploration entails much more than just assets under management (AUM) and distribution planning but a comprehensive “relationship” model to truly support your clients throughout their retirement life and health spans. Jump in and listen to learn and take your practice to the next level of deep engagement with your clients and a whole new competitive value proposition you can offer for your retirement planning services. 

Join Adam, Derek, Keena, and Dorothy as they discuss the following topics:

  • Health span vs. Life span awareness
  • Advisors should rethink the post 65 demographic as a profitable business niche
  • The challenge & opportunity to grow assets under management for clients in the distribution phase
  • Do more than just “investments” for the 65+ demographic
  • Change your question from “how many years left do I have to do X” to “how many more times do I have to do X?”
  • Relationships over assets under management lead to a profitable business

Here is the link to Episode #28 of the on-demand podcast:

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