Inflatable Putin Doll Turns Boxing Bag For Angry Young Ukrainians: 'These Kids Pack A Good Punch!' (Video)


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s doll-like statue in an unidentified location in Ukraine has become a target of kids’ anger. 

What Happened: A video circulating on Reddit shows a statue of Putin installed in a park becoming a subject of ridicule and contempt among children in Ukraine. The statue is being targeted by the kids, who land several blows, punches, and slaps.

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The video has gone viral on micro-blogging sites, with one Reddit user saying, “these kids pack a good punch!”

“I imagine if you’re Ukrainian and you see Putin, you too will suddenly blow some good punches. Imagine if they would see him in real life. Seismometers would detect some earthquakes after those hits,” said another user.

Earlier, a blood-red sculpture of Putin appeared at a playground in Central Park, New York City, which kids also attacked. The children targeted the statue with toy guns and dumped sand, while others inserted fingers in its ear.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his troops had attacked Russian positions along the entire front. He has also urged the European Union to ban all Russian state TV channels and “propagandists,” an apparent reference to state media employees.

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