How Long Until I Get My Dollar Dig Cash Back?



Dollar Dig has become a well known cashback app. Many shoppers use it to make purchases and receive money back on what they’ve bought. One of the biggest questions that consumers seem to have about Dollar Dig is how long will it take to get their cash back. With this in mind, we went straight to the source. So how long until you get your Dollar Dig cash back? Let’s find out.

How Long Will It Take?

According to the Dollar Dig CEO, it takes about 90 days for cash back to be confirmed. Once you reach $25 in confirmed cash back you can withdraw.  Withdrawals are paid out within 5 days (10 days if by check) of the date requested.

Here’s an actual copy of the Terms and Conditions of their Cash back policy:

Are There Any Exceptions?

The only exception to the 90 days are reservations (airline, hotel, etc) where the cashback is confirmed 90 days after the reservation is utilized.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Dollar Dig?

Yes, Dollar Dig is a one man show started by a frugal guy that wants to help others make a little money. He created the site so that not only merchants could make money by advertising products on their sites when consumers clicked on the ads and made a purchase, but that you, the consumer, could make money as well.

By doing this, you get to put some money back in your pocket based on your purchases.

Bonus Tip: Save More Money

Dollar Dig helps you to save money with cashback offers, but you can also save more money by  stacking the cash back site with a credit card and searching for coupon codes, and other deals.

There are even Facebook groups and SubReddits that can give you insight on to how to save even more. 

If you’d like to learn more about Dollar Dig, check out their site and start getting more cash back on your purchases. If you have questions or concerns about their cashback program, contact them here for assistance.


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