Digital World Acq (NASDAQ:DWAC) – Trump Or Biden For Next President? Most Americans Don't Want Either, New Poll Finds


Former President Donald Trump and the incumbent President Joe Biden shouldn’t seek a second term in 2024, but the former U.S. leader’s support base among Republicans is still firm, revealed a recent poll.

What Happened: The poll carried out by new Harvard CAPS/Harris indicated that 67% of the respondents said Biden shouldn’t seek another term, reported the Hill.

Half reportedly said Biden was a bad president, while 30% said because he is too old for the job as he would be 84 by the time he takes the oath again.

On Trump, 57% said he shouldn’t run again. 36% of those polled said he was too “erratic,” 33% said he would divide the country and 31% pointed to the former leader’s role in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, according to the Hill.

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Why It Matters: The poll was conducted between Sept. 7-8 among 1,885 respondents who were all registered voters, according to the Hill.

Republicans still remain loyal to Trump with 59% saying they would vote for him in the 2024 primary, 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis garnered the support of 17% of GOP voters, the poll reflected. 

When it comes to a choice between Biden and Trump, 45% of the poll participants favored Trump, while 42% opted for Biden, the Hill reported.

In case of a match between Vice President Kamala Harris and Trump, 47% would reportedly vote for the latter and 40% for the former.

Last week, a poll indicated that a majority of Americans don’t want Trump to run again for President but at the same time it also showed that his support base remained intact.

Trump himself shared a poll recently on Truth Social that showed that he was ahead of Biden in three states. 

Truth Social is a part of the Trump Media & Technology Group and is set to go public through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. DWAC

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