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Many people dream of starting their own businesses. The issue is that getting a company off of the ground can be expensive. Fortunately, some are far more affordable than others, giving you some options even if you don’t have a ton to spend. Here’s a look at the best businesses to start with 10k.


Dropshipping lets you launch an e-commerce business without having to store inventory in your home. Additionally, it allows you to partner with a third party – such as a major retailer with fulfillment services – to make the selling process less cumbersome. Fulfillment companies also handle shipment packaging, shipping, and returns in many cases, as well as store your products in their warehouses for a fee.

Overall, the startup costs are low. However, it can take time to find a reliable dropshipping supplier. As a result, you’ll need to do ample research to ensure you can offer quality products at competitive prices. Additionally, you’ll need to analyze the options to see which are likely to perform well in the market, ensuring you can turn a profit.

House Cleaning

If you’re willing to do most of the work when it comes to handling customers’ needs, starting a housekeeping business is a solid choice. Typically, your initial investment is small, as you’ll only need cleaning supplies – including items like vacuums – the appropriate licenses and permits, and a way to travel to clients.

Investing in some advertising, including a website and other marketing materials, is usually a smart move if you don’t have a potential client base you can tap. However, even if that’s necessary, the overall cost can be pretty low.

Resume Writing Service

If you know what it takes to create a stellar resume, then you may be able to offer resume writing services to others. The startup cost is incredibly low, particularly if you already have a computer and document software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Beyond that, you may need a website to generate business, as well as handle some advertising to secure clients.

This option can also let you expand into other areas. For example, you could offer LinkedIn profile revisions, cover letters, thank you notes to hiring managers, and more.

Junk Hauling Service

If you already have a pickup truck, box truck, or towable trailer and a capable vehicle, launching a junk hauling service could be a solid option. Essentially, you’d pick up items that clients want to dispose of and get them to the dump, recycling center, or scrap yard.

Usually, your startup costs are limited to any required licensing or permits if you already have a suitable vehicle. However, even if you need to invest in a truck or trailer, you may be able to keep the cost below $10k anyway if you find a solid deal on a used vehicle or trailer.

Event Planner

If you have experience planning large events – including anything from professional conferences to birthday and retirement parties or weddings – you could launch an event planning business. Most of your initial startup costs are license, permit, and advertising related. Otherwise, you simply need a computer and phone to handle most of the tasks, allowing you to easily get started with $10k or less.

Can you think of any other great businesses to start with $10k? Did you launch a company for that amount and want to tell others if it’s the best business to start with $10k? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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