Added A Little Starbucks to The ETF Monkey Core Monthly Dividend Portfolio


In February, 2017, I wrote an article for Seeking Alpha entitled A Dividend Portfolio Built From The World’s Best Dividend ETFs. I later expanded on the work I did in a second article, entitled 20 Top Stocks For A Monthly Dividend Portfolio. In this article, I expanded the original portfolio of 12 stocks to 20, with the specific goal of adding companies that, together, generated at least some level of income for the portfolio each and every month.

At the end of that second article, I revealed that I had “put my money where my mouth is,” selling all my holdings in 4 dividend-focused ETFs and replacing them with the 20 stocks listed in the article, as well as two “bonus” stocks. I implemented all of this on July 20, 2017.

This morning, I added additional shares to one of the holdings for the first time. That holding is Starbucks (SBUX).

In brief, my original position was purchased at $58.12 per share. This price represented a decline of almost exactly 10% from the recent high closing price of $64.57 on June 2. Nevertheless, since that time, the share price has continued to decline, allowing me to pick up a small additional amount for $53.50 this morning (the shares continued to fall to their closing price for the day of $53.07). 

In my case, I view Starbucks as one of my core holdings for the next 10+ years. Further, Starbucks has not been a participant in the overwrought market frenzy of 2017. Today’s price can be traced all the way back to June, 2015. That led me to think of the famous words of Warren Buffett: “Buy when others are fearful.”

What about you? Would you jump in at this price? Or do you expect the rough road to continue? In either case, drop your thoughts below. I would love to hear them.


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