73% Of Teens Crave Financial Education. Here’s How To Make It Accessible For Them.


Per the same 2021 Greenlight study, 73% of teens expressed that they wanted financial education. However, they struggled to learn about these key financial topics since they’re rarely taught at home and in school.

While there is tons of free information on YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram, it could be outdated, biased or wrong.  

Some influencers even pump and dump investments, so they can profit at the expense of their audience. Others push mediocre financial products and software so that they can earn affiliate commissions.

So, how can you teach your child about personal finance?

Open up a Fidelity Youth Account.

This account will give you all the necessary parental controls while providing a secure environment for your child to invest and learn.

Give Your Child The Financial Education They Deserve With A Fidelity Youth Account!

Teens as young as 13 can start investing with a Fidelity Youth Account. There are no minimum initial investments and they can invest in stocks, bonds and ETFs in fractional amounts with just a dollar.

They can save even more money since there are no account fees, minimum balances, ATM fees or other surprise fees.

Open a Fidelity Youth Account today to receive $100 and $50 for your child.

Open your free account today!

The Fidelity Youth Account can only be opened by a parent/guardian. Account eligibility limited to teens aged 13-17.

¹Limited Time Offer. Terms Apply. Before opening a Fidelity Youth Account, you should carefully read the account agreement and ensure that you fully understand your responsibilities to monitor and supervise your teen’s activity in the account.

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